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Jesus Knevil
A true NYC punk/metal band that has members that have experience with over a dozen other acts in town. Among them are; Kraut, Cro-Mags, Pop Mafia, Danglers NYC, Dead People, and Inspector 71. A punk hard core sound that rips with each cord and shows you why it takes a daredevil to be the messiah.

Spawned from the wretched bowels of New York, Horse will love you and leave you; then O.D. on your couch.

Bocko (vocals)

Shane (vocals/guitar)
Has been playing lead guitar for the past 22 years. Among the bands he has played with are; Kraut (replacing Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols), Cro-Mags, Pop Mafia, and Danglers NYC. Shane would like to thank Shane McGowan for his influence with Irish Whiskey.
From the South Bronx, AJ's sound reflects his gritty, hardcore upbringing. His style has the dark and powerful sound of Tony Iommi with the chaos and improvisational freedom of Jimi Hendrix. His stage presence and performance are energetic, immediate, and forcible. Though relentless in his driving rhythms, his songs and stagecraft are underpinned by complex time signatures, which change effortlessly in combinations of phrasings.

AJ (guitar)

Dead Bob (bass)
B.DEAD is a blue collar workin class bad ASS WHITE DEVIL MUTHA FUCKA!, who has been slappin' strings and beatin' up basses 4:20 years. With his death wakening bass sounds. He is here 2 play till his turn in the grave.
Jeff has been hitting things with sticks since he was a kid. He won his first real drumset at a drum solo contest when he was 17. Just to show that it wasn't a fluke, he also won a recent drum solo contest at Sam Ash. He has played all over NYC and the US with Buzz Prophets, Nerve and others.

Jeff (drums)